Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sleepy News : Bedtime Tales

Good night everyone(beside being 14:55 here).
Well,everyone know that something everyone deserves is a good night of sleep,right?
That's why i added a function to the beds,as well.
When sleeping at the bed,beside your character sometimes change it's direction(like if were sleeping),
his partners recover their health,and when the health is full,they get some extra exp through sleeping.
Also,your tamer get some exp too through sleeping,but don't be so lazy.
I plan on adding buffs and debuffs for sleeping,like for example...
If you sleep for sometime until all partners are healed,all the team gets a buff of well slept.
But if stay so much time on the bed...They may get the debuff Lazyness.
Beside the eyes being shown opened,and the bug on Rocko's health,he is sleeping,and will only stop sleeping once i make him leave the bed,but not right now,it's the ciesta time.
See ya later.
Also,Beds will be utile for recovering the monsters from getting fatigued,since they can sleep too,but i still have to wonder how it will work,but by the way,the system needs to be made too.

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