Friday, July 5, 2013

Conditions to release the game

Hey guys,i may release the game sooner than you guys thought,but to not leave you guys on a big empty world,better i do some things first.
The tasks i have to do i will mark them once they are completed.
  • Finish adding the other monsters skills and it's effects. (44 skills at the moment,but 3 of all monsters with more than a skill disponible)
  • Add new items.Mostly as loot,craft stuff or must haves. (108 items atm)
  • Put npcs on towns,to not make the place so dull. (Town names marked have a considerable number of npcs. Piatuba, Kekshausen, Las Playas, Liontooth Town, ???)
  • Queeeeeeeests.... (8/50 quests atm)
  • Increase number of monsters,to not make all maps have the same monsters. (Maps from kekshausen and above have repeated monsters,but different levels).
  • Put some more craftable stuff on the game. (57 recipes atm)
  • Add at least a dungeon on each town. (Only Piatuba have a dungeon,and is unfinished)
  • Create Portuguese town and it's fields. (Name suggestions please?)
  • Optional : Den of the monster lords (Battle the fierce boss,and win a emblem)
  • Optional : Wandering NPCs (The battlers and party members will never be stopped waiting for you) 
  • Optional : Musics to the maps.
So far,these are the conditions that i need to release the game.
But one thing is sure,i need to finish first the talents system first,to then be able to work on these things.
See ya later,donate a monster today,and tomorrow you shall have a new game on your list. :D

Obs:.Ignore these objectives,i sometimes threat tasks as quests,but you can see my progress through here.

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