Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Current progress on TNR,or half...

Well,i've been trying to implement wandering npcs to the game,but after some messings,the game started stuttering once it loaded the map.
The stuttering was so horrible,that looked like as i was playing cubeworld on this pc.
I tried to fix the problem,but couldn't,then i discounted all my rage against my mouse,that randomly scrolls or double click.
The mouse deserved the hit,but as consequence,i can't work so much on the project and i got angry,and even more angry with the help of my brother.
When i calm down,i'll work again on TNR.
I had to pickup the most recent TNR backup,so,time to work on all these stuffs again later.

Also,do you think that npcs should be saved separatelly?
Beside being good for the autosaves of player,it is bad because anyone can wipe it.

By the way,'till next update.

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