Thursday, May 8, 2014

Towns travelling system is in.

Just made a system where you can see the neighbor town and also be able to enter it, without loading map or anything like that (on single player).

When the town is being created, a kind of "world map" is made, with towns interconnections.
Every town have it's roads and etc, but they are not connected right ow.

I'm quite of fearing how the chunk loading will work on multiplayer, but what ever eh?

You can see on the screenshot my character near the border between the map 0 and 2, and on the lower left side, you can see the little minimap i made for the towns generation, 25 towns created and connected to each other.

The districts you see on the teasers, are blocks of chunks generated with the map, i plan on using them to setup npcs and enemies spawning, for example, what if one of these districts were dominated by bandits?

Well, there is no idea of how i could make so a player could own and do what ever he wants to that district, but until then...

See ya on next teaser.

Ps:. World objects generation quite sucks.

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