Thursday, December 18, 2014

Reworking TNR and little modding news.

Currently, i'm trying to rework some systems on TNR, to make the game less expensive when running, i'm reworking all systems that requires threads, which includes Battle, Talk and Crafting.

I will try to make them be not Thread dependant so the CPU usage lowers during gameplay.

Currently i'm passing through hard times to rework the battle system, because i will have to redo several systems on it, but when it's done, certainly will be rewarding.

Also, i changed the battle system of the game, now, the game no longer works through ATB, it's now in turns based on how faster the monsters in the teams are, if for example, your first row monster have more speed than the other monsters, it will attack first, after it attacks, then the others can attack in order, based on their speed.

And on the other news, i tried to do a mod on tApi, i could make more player characters spawn on the world, but not be able to make them move, either way, that is a good news, since it means i can remake my mod on it when Terraria 1.3 is released, in case tApi also comes on that version.

Well, until next news.

Edit:. Also, forgot to tell, i broke multiplayer on TNR :X
I will look forward fixing it once i be able to know more about netplaying on visual studio.

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