Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Pixel art of doom

Hey guys, i came to bring some news, the tiling auto arraying script of the map texture reader is almostly complete. Plus made the script of the directional movement of the characters.

But i thought, what if the character get a sprite revamp, plus with that gets some poses, like different standing poses, sitdown pose, lying down pose, and etc.

Well, seems like a good idea, right? But for someone inexperienced at pixel art like me, it's a heeeeeeeavy pain.
I tried to work on some pixel arts for the player character, some of them were displeasing, and others look's like way too small, so i got stuck at this.

I guess i should jump to some other system and leave the player sprites to other time, right?

Well, until next news.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Another episode of Progress.

Tamers Network Reborn map script is working way better than i expected, even the character movement script is working as intended, gotta love my job, even though there is a minor bug, but that i will fix eventually.

To you know how much progress i did, i walked from Piatuba to this field, map transition when moving from a map to another also worked very well.

Also, as a side note, the way i made the movement script work, will make it easy for me to make npcs behavior, like moving and other things.

Well, see you on the next news about TNR development.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Enter the Map Editor.

Hey guys, i'm bringing another news about the development of my project.
I implemented on TNR a map editor, which let the player create and edit maps.

The map editor will make it easier and simple to edit maps, without using hard codes to create them, beside will be more annoying than making a map on paint and then importing, but then i had an idea...

And if you could make a model of the map on paint, and then make the game import it? So you can edit from it? That is basically what i am trying to do.

Basically, making a map would involve making a model of it on paint, then when the game loads, you finish it.

Sounds like a good plan, right? The bad is that the map editor currently is deprecate, but not deprecate enough to not have a teaser.
Take a look.
I am using Piatuba town as example. The area above the player position, is another map area, it cannot be edited (yet). Top Left area of the screen shows the currently selected tile.
Upon placing a tile, beside it changes the tile at the position of the cursor, it also saves the map tile information.

I think this may speed up the development.
Well, that's all for today's news, now i got around 30 maps to fix the tiling, until next news.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year!

After an average new year, i got back home and can continue working on my project.

For my project, i think i will make the map system differently, and make the game have an built in map creator, so i can create my maps to the game, plus the players makes their maps for... Well, secret.

But i still need to think on how i will work the tiles...
Well, until next news.