Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Idle World Update 2

IdleWorld acquired a new update, this update will change several things on the game,
plus make it be less dumb in most parts, and make characters have a certain favorite
weapon type.
*- Party Leaders will now more likelly search for party when go to the town.
*- Characters will no longer turn to desertors on battle when running out of potions.
*- Added some true names for the game, but the second name still uses the old naming method.
*- Made characters have a preffered weapon type.
*- Monsters now only attack a player, at least the one who makes him more angry.
*- Changed or Removed some weapons.
*- Adventurers look for party less longer.
*- Bosses now have longer respawn time.
*- Adventurers now leave party when their party leaders is too low level for them, or they are far ahead his quest objective.
*- Can no longer acquire negative exp.
*- Quests no longer have monsters killing requirement increased with map level.
*- Characters will need to pay for a night on the INN if they are not on the initial town.
*- You will less likelly get awesome loot from monsters, stores and chests.
 You can download the update here:

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