Friday, January 18, 2013

Tamers Network Reborn Information

Well,i'm rebuilding Tamers Network,since the other source was unbearable to understand (Saaaaaad...).
By the way,at this time,i added the graphical map and made the battle system works.
Beside having that,my plans are that the game will let you customize your character by the way you'd like to,
be able to duel with other players or team up with them to battle against others,have a group to chat and divide exp,battle with npc tamers,do commerce between towns,and etc.

If you wanna a photo of the current state of the project,i can't show,since i have place holder sprites,the developer of the game may annoy me before i sketch the game's sprites.

But you may help-me on the game,all you have to do,is donate a monster for my game.

This is a software i developed to help you guys do your monsters.

All you have to do,is do the monsters status,describe it's skills,and work on the other options,then click solution,and post at the comments,the infos of the monster you created.
But beware!I discover cheating on the posts.

Edit:I forgot to tell,players will be able to choose his character's nation (based on irl nations),and will spawn on a separate place from the other nations,but nothing says that a player from a nation can't interact with the others,there are a few number of nations on the list,but i will tell them soon.

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