Saturday, July 13, 2013

Slow progress today,but at least...

Edit:.No longer posting news on Indie DB because they are too fresh about news formatting.

Today i've been working on recipes,and at the moment,there are 57 craftable items ingame.
I nerfed their crafting time,because no one will,for example,wait 1 hour and 10 minutes to finish crafting a two handed sword.

So,their crafting time were reduced to 10 minutes,tons of time better eh?
Also,i've been arguing with the tester yesterday,and i think that a good idea is that if you win a battle,the crafting time is discounted according ot the fierceness of the monsters your party fought.
In other words,party craft is nice!

Todavia,when the jobs system comes,where you can change on what your character will work on,
the requisited level to craft a item the class is good on will be reduced,for example:.
You want to smelt a Copper Ore to turn into Copper Bar.
To do a Copper Bar,you need Tamer level 5.
As a Blacksmith or some other class that smelt,the requisited level goes to 1.

Ah,i also added a new NPC to Piatuba Field 5,you can troll him because he does not speak propperly,but remember that he is a warrior,and his will EVER attack your party when he asks for battle.

Well,for today's progress,that's all.
Also,the image i put there is a teaser of a future feature the game will have.

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