Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Tamers Network fixes for map issues.

Today i were fixing some problems with the map loading and rendering on Tamers Network Reborn.
I changed the way it loads the map because the new way is a lot better at all.

Thanks to that, some bugs on map merging were fixed, like the little noticeable bug that peoples used to notice when on Piatuba border to the fields.

Look at the mountain on Top-Left part of the screen, it would have bugs of arraying if i have not fixed the problem.
Also... I implemented a feature on the game, Radio system.

Radios currently only have one station, which broadcasts monsters locations, sometimes shows ads, like "Have you visited X map?" messages and depending on which time is on the server/pc, will show the news telling which maps are raining.

Any ideas on how to make the Radio system better would be welcome.

Also, until next news.

Monday, October 13, 2014

So much progress on Town Wanderer Project

Hey guys, have a long time there's no news eh?

For some reason, today i felt like wanting to work on one of my projects, and the result?
The game changed!
Beside now the game have a Loading Screen for when generating the world...
I sketched by myself the isometric sprites of the character, alongside the character is 16 pixels bigger.

See by yourself.
New character sprites
Also, i'll tell you about the new stuffs.

Every map have a randomly generated name, like you can see above, the generator basically sticks a group of two letters together, counting also that i added an extra script to support spaces, so the name may be even bigger depending on the town.

 Alongsie the name, the levels are also generated, but based on the numeration of the map generated on the world, for every map generated, the new ones will get a bonus of level and max level depending on the last generated map level, meaning that the world may end up having level caps above 100.

I changed a bit how the world generates the map and it's position to not be a line of grinding, so... You may end up being parent of a lowbie, aswell as a highby area.

My character is inside a park, parks are buildings that takes up to 4 districts in the map, they are purelly environmental right now, but they shall have some purpose on the future, beside boosts immersion.

Also, made some changes on gameplay...
Gameplay is now tiled instead of free, seems easier to make collision on it, beside there's some bugs happening when moving diagonally.

Character sprites changed to fit the new changes, aswell as made the character grow up.

Every tile have a certain height of difference between each other, you can only pass through them if you jump on it.
If it's possible of reaching the tile height, the character will automatically jump when moving with the mouse, but you will be able to jump manually.

Also... Made trees be a true tree, they take 64x64 size each, and changed the old and ugly trees to bushes instead.

There is still lots of work to do, like script the attack animations of the character, and implement the oppositions, like monsters and other things.
Includding as put some clothes on the character.

Well, until next news.

Edit:. Fixed the title.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Report of activity.

Well... I have to say... Latelly i am thinking that programming is being more of a waste of time than rewarding...
Because of all the systems to make and bugs to fix on it, the interest i have for my projects also begone.

Also, the pressure of the recent conditions alongside the lack of will to continue modding, i feel like it's starting to get hate of modding.

I should take some vacations from modding, but the other party members would start posting bugs and ideas making me get back into modding, or i would be too bored and try to mod again, since latelly i have nothing to play.

That's all i can say right now. And no report of new stuff on my projects by the reasons above.

See ya.