Sunday, September 25, 2016

TNR, More stability reports on Dialogues system

Since nobody showed up interest on Splitscreen support on the project,
I've dropped it and loaded the project from the backup.

I were testing a few days ago the dialogues system, until I noticed that a new
dialogue glitch were happening, I were able to fix the issue, and until now, the
testings didn't showed up any bugs like dialogue things disappearing, neither
softlocks. The dialogue issues were so intense, that even monsters who were
victim of the action were getting softlock.

Also talking about dialogues, I've changed the way the game will check wether
the text will fit the dialogue window, to avoid crashes and instabilities,
the system is working so good, that I believe I can add extras to it, but
I guess I should add that later.

Also, I've stopped the world war that were happening in the game, where one monster
were attacking the other that were nearby, beside were funny, were also quite annoying
aswell, and made so an enemy will only attack the other when one monster in the team
is hungry. Currently, I did not programmed when the monsters will attack the player,
so I will need to think what reasons could lead them to attack the player, beside hunger.

That is all for today's TNR news.

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