Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Little status update

Well, i'm currently remaking the Tamers Network project entirelly, without copy pasting any systems it had, that shall make the game stable but, the laziness strikes again, plus i do not have idea of how i'll make some of the new systems works, like map data loading and other things.

I plan on trying to make so the tile data is not automatic to be arrayed, to give more ways of making the maps, plus i'm revamping the skills system aswell, they will work by multipliers, instead of the old system, the multipliers will multiply the damage of the skills based on the skill level by a certain percent.

There is so much to work on, i just do not show a teaser right now, because i didn't worked yet on the graphical part of the project.

Well, until next news.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Status update....

After looking again at the codes... I guess the best thing to do is... Remake the project... Again....

Well, the codes will be cleaner after the remake but... Wonder how many months i will have to spend to redo the project...

Well, i remade my mod 4 times, i guess that's easy to do, right?

Not right....

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Reworking TNR and little modding news.

Currently, i'm trying to rework some systems on TNR, to make the game less expensive when running, i'm reworking all systems that requires threads, which includes Battle, Talk and Crafting.

I will try to make them be not Thread dependant so the CPU usage lowers during gameplay.

Currently i'm passing through hard times to rework the battle system, because i will have to redo several systems on it, but when it's done, certainly will be rewarding.

Also, i changed the battle system of the game, now, the game no longer works through ATB, it's now in turns based on how faster the monsters in the teams are, if for example, your first row monster have more speed than the other monsters, it will attack first, after it attacks, then the others can attack in order, based on their speed.

And on the other news, i tried to do a mod on tApi, i could make more player characters spawn on the world, but not be able to make them move, either way, that is a good news, since it means i can remake my mod on it when Terraria 1.3 is released, in case tApi also comes on that version.

Well, until next news.

Edit:. Also, forgot to tell, i broke multiplayer on TNR :X
I will look forward fixing it once i be able to know more about netplaying on visual studio.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Tamers Network fixes for map issues.

Today i were fixing some problems with the map loading and rendering on Tamers Network Reborn.
I changed the way it loads the map because the new way is a lot better at all.

Thanks to that, some bugs on map merging were fixed, like the little noticeable bug that peoples used to notice when on Piatuba border to the fields.

Look at the mountain on Top-Left part of the screen, it would have bugs of arraying if i have not fixed the problem.
Also... I implemented a feature on the game, Radio system.

Radios currently only have one station, which broadcasts monsters locations, sometimes shows ads, like "Have you visited X map?" messages and depending on which time is on the server/pc, will show the news telling which maps are raining.

Any ideas on how to make the Radio system better would be welcome.

Also, until next news.

Monday, October 13, 2014

So much progress on Town Wanderer Project

Hey guys, have a long time there's no news eh?

For some reason, today i felt like wanting to work on one of my projects, and the result?
The game changed!
Beside now the game have a Loading Screen for when generating the world...
I sketched by myself the isometric sprites of the character, alongside the character is 16 pixels bigger.

See by yourself.
New character sprites
Also, i'll tell you about the new stuffs.

Every map have a randomly generated name, like you can see above, the generator basically sticks a group of two letters together, counting also that i added an extra script to support spaces, so the name may be even bigger depending on the town.

 Alongsie the name, the levels are also generated, but based on the numeration of the map generated on the world, for every map generated, the new ones will get a bonus of level and max level depending on the last generated map level, meaning that the world may end up having level caps above 100.

I changed a bit how the world generates the map and it's position to not be a line of grinding, so... You may end up being parent of a lowbie, aswell as a highby area.

My character is inside a park, parks are buildings that takes up to 4 districts in the map, they are purelly environmental right now, but they shall have some purpose on the future, beside boosts immersion.

Also, made some changes on gameplay...
Gameplay is now tiled instead of free, seems easier to make collision on it, beside there's some bugs happening when moving diagonally.

Character sprites changed to fit the new changes, aswell as made the character grow up.

Every tile have a certain height of difference between each other, you can only pass through them if you jump on it.
If it's possible of reaching the tile height, the character will automatically jump when moving with the mouse, but you will be able to jump manually.

Also... Made trees be a true tree, they take 64x64 size each, and changed the old and ugly trees to bushes instead.

There is still lots of work to do, like script the attack animations of the character, and implement the oppositions, like monsters and other things.
Includding as put some clothes on the character.

Well, until next news.

Edit:. Fixed the title.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Report of activity.

Well... I have to say... Latelly i am thinking that programming is being more of a waste of time than rewarding...
Because of all the systems to make and bugs to fix on it, the interest i have for my projects also begone.

Also, the pressure of the recent conditions alongside the lack of will to continue modding, i feel like it's starting to get hate of modding.

I should take some vacations from modding, but the other party members would start posting bugs and ideas making me get back into modding, or i would be too bored and try to mod again, since latelly i have nothing to play.

That's all i can say right now. And no report of new stuff on my projects by the reasons above.

See ya.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Everything's fine for a fine day.

Hey yo guys, i'm in good mood right now and for a good reason, why ? You will know.

First:. Fixed the issue on TNR where the Console Window opened would cause the game to freeze weirdly upon closing from Game/Server window.

Second: Alongside the above, i merged Client and Server into a XNA project, instead of just a Console project, meaning that i do not need the content creator project to put contents into the game, meaning that will be faster to add contents.

Third: I'm planning next month's event on N Terraria, i'm still gathering ideas but either way...

Fourth: Planning on adding an Festival on N Terraria, name, events and date to happen are still up to come, but might happen somewhere in November.

Also, alongside this news, i guess i'll take down the download links of Tamers Network Reborn so i can work on it and amaze players when it's done.

Have fun :D

Saturday, September 20, 2014

About the latest... Ausence...?

Latelly i were being really slow about development, mostly only did progress on N Terraria mod, adding new stuff and fixing bugs(Fml...).

Well, that's kinda of part of a Developer's job, right?

Then i'll try to post here some changes i made on projects.

The Park borders on my project, there is nothing inside, but i might add contents to it later.

On my Town Wanderer Project, i tried to make the game generate an park, but right now, it only generates the walls around it, once i realize what a park really have in it, and pass it to tiles, i'll implement the rest.
Aswell as made maps have random generated names as you can see on the image above.
Also, i had a plan about making the character head not be drawn exactly as part of the character body, so gives less problems to make the hair styles.
Aswell as i plan on adding enemies, weapons, stores, houses (yes, you may live in one) and other things to the game.

One of the implemented Hair Styles, could be better, right?

On Eiderals, fixed a few colision bugs and made the game a bit more opened in case of implementing new playable races, that barelly lead to new bugs, but i still need to squash them either way, also, i have an idea about the project.
I'm planning on making it's map be kinda open, and the dungeons be found occasionally on some maps.
Aswell as revamped a bit the AI of Enemies, but they still does not feels good.
Includding aswell that i made some hair styles, they does not look's that good right now, but they may be better soon.

Tamers Network? I didn't have worked on it latelly, but i plan on revamping it to not cause crashes or pc freezes upon closing it from the game window, aswell as i had an idea about revamping the battle system, to make it a bit more different.

Well, part of the blame of the slow development is because i were real bored latelly, but whatever, i hope development get better.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Towns travelling system is in.

Just made a system where you can see the neighbor town and also be able to enter it, without loading map or anything like that (on single player).

When the town is being created, a kind of "world map" is made, with towns interconnections.
Every town have it's roads and etc, but they are not connected right ow.

I'm quite of fearing how the chunk loading will work on multiplayer, but what ever eh?

You can see on the screenshot my character near the border between the map 0 and 2, and on the lower left side, you can see the little minimap i made for the towns generation, 25 towns created and connected to each other.

The districts you see on the teasers, are blocks of chunks generated with the map, i plan on using them to setup npcs and enemies spawning, for example, what if one of these districts were dominated by bandits?

Well, there is no idea of how i could make so a player could own and do what ever he wants to that district, but until then...

See ya on next teaser.

Ps:. World objects generation quite sucks.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

News about my not yet named town game.

Have some time you guys have no news about my projects, right?
I am working now on a project of game which involves randomly generated towns with randomly generated features.

I am aiming on the game being a RPG with quests and leveling, aswell as may have expertises to train and be better at something.

Thanks to this project, i learned how i do jumping on top down games, quite of using the same way i do on platform games, but instead i have to check if the jumping height is the same or lower than the current player position, to then deactivate jump.

The Jumping system were also implemented on Tamers Network Reborn, now players jumps ledges, but i will not release a update with that feature, i'll talk more about TNR on the end of this post.

 One of the major features i implemented is a kind of biome system, like you can see on the photo, where you can see a lake in between the roads.

The generation system kinda sucks right now, but i'll try to make it better, but at least may not give-me more head ache than...
The highways, i passed a entire day programming those to make them work propperly, then i noticed i needed to generate them separatelly.

There is nothing of so much special about Highways, beside being a larger road.

I'll now try to work on some items and a few things, like collect apple from trees, or make an axe to cut them. But since it's an alpha idea, things may change until the final version...

And talking about these kinds of thing... On this project, on the future, you will be possible to select the map size, and how large will be it's chunks, Beside i tried to do a 64x64x32 sized world and game froze, and i do not recommend anyone to try that on the future, a smaller world size is also awesome.

And about Tamers Network, i plan on the future, remaking the game and remove it's unstabilities, one of the bothering ones is the "close the game to stutter the pc", i want to avoid to the max that issue.

Also, i guess that to the project suceed, the best thing i should do is recruit party members or learn to sketch.
Until then, better i get some work on this little project.

Until next news.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Miss PokéGen? I have a copy that i may share.

I were holding this copy of PokéGen with me, i guess it's up to date, since the game may be out of air soon.

You may get the game here, just open pokegen/PokeGen.exe to play the game.

Mega: https://mega.nz/#!h9h2iYbS!5JGe3DQrVPswxqo_sIis6qN5Ud5PuQWDleEPp47eZfU
Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1kYmn982hgSXcfr9qyy5VvTXAguzLyoWL

Have fun.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Silverlight game making try...

I were trying to work on a silverlight game, as an alternative to flash, since it's paid, i begun the project trying to make a character be drawn on the screen, and i succeeded to do that.
The project were doing quite well, beside the several times i had to use google to discover how to make the program do some things.
After some time, i decided to use the city generator i made once on a XNA project to then make an randomly generated town rpg.

Were planning on doing great things on it, even found a way of arraying the tiles on the screen without many issues, then i got blocked by a fps issue...

It seems like Microsoft Silverlight is slow, so, render a map of 32x32 in a 640x480 game window is something heavy for it.

I have looked for some work arounds to fix the issue of the fps, that were capping at 14, after some work arounds, fps went to 22, but that is no great.

Then, i decided that the best thing to do is get back to XNA and work on a game that features a randomly generated city.

Well, i'm off to play something, let's hope my attempt on XNA works, better i gather some ideas for my next project, hehe.

This is the image of what i achieved on Silverlight.

See ya on the next news.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Stuck at what to do

I do not know what kind of game i should work on, i begun a game project, but right when i were making the item system, i already lost interest on it, also, the wish of work again on TNR keep bothering me aswell.

Maybe that's happening since is a project i were working on for most time and put most of my efforts on it.

Monday, March 31, 2014

I quit N Terraria

I could no longer work on it, no cool ideas to do before the great update, no ideas of how i could fix bugs includding the ones of multiplayer, neither on how i could work on the main quests, without counting that due to stacking things on games, i barelly had time to work on it.

Also, the pressure of knowing that the party members were counting on me to add cool stuffs and fix the mod bugs made-me feel under pressure, i think i should not have hired other party members...

I have quit N Terraria without telling the others about that, or they would not let-me quit, but what will be of N Terraria without me, i do not know, at least may be better than when...

Well, good bye N Terraria.

Also, didn't released a update before i leaved because the Main Quests.

I will try to use my time to work on a game project.

Edit:. Forget it, have some time i got back into modding.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

An idea out of nowhere

I had just to wait to get an idea for TNR?
The idea i had is to fix issues on the skill system.
I were playing a game where skills have chained attacks, but i ever noticed that the damages are always so fair.

Then came on mind the idea.
First, i calculate the total damage that the skill will cause, then, for each attack, i get it's percent of damage to show to the player.
Isn't it a good idea?